Silly Canvas

15 December - 22 December 2014


A Constructed World
Anna-Sophie Berger
Body by Body
Susan Cianciolo
Mikala Dwyer
H.B. Peace
Ida Ekblad and Eirik Sæther
Lucina Lane
Marlie Mul
Trevor Shimizu
Amalia Ulman

For Silly Canvas Centre for Style has invited a group of practitioners to create new work within restricted parameters of two rectangle pieces of material to the dimensions of 70 x 170cm. The rectangles are then attached to each other to form a two-sided wearable canvas. On the opening night of Silly Canvas, each work will be worn by one model in sequential order, after which the work will be hung at the gallery for the duration of the exhibition.

The opening of Silly Canvas will also mark the launch the Centre for Style journal Centre for Style Rag. The inaugural issue will respond to the theme of Silly Canvas through writing and photography, including texts by Olivia Barrett, Harry Burke, Tim Gentles, Sally Gray, Helen Hughes and Lisa Radford, and artist pages by Dan Arps, H.B. Peace, Lou Hubbard, Elisa van Joolen and Dena Yago.

A panel symposium and performance by Anna-Sophie Berger will be presented in conjunction with Silly Canvas onThursday 18 December, 7 – 8pm. Titled The Styled Canvas: fashion’s image and its various production lines the symposium will focus on forms of fashion production that exist outside of factory manufacturing. The panel includes Anna-Sophie Berger, D&K, Robyn Healy and Briony Wright, who will discuss how image and styling mitigate contemporary fashion practice.

In association with this project, and to celebrate the closing of Utopian Slumps and Slopes, and relocation of Centre for Style, there will be a Met Gala held at The Mercat on Saturday 20 December, from 10pm. Visit for further details.