Hazrat Prototypes

21 September - 12 October 2013

Dylan Martorell’s latest exhibition, Hazrat Prototypes, has its roots in the principles of Hazrat Inayat Khan, an early 20th century Northern Indian Sufi mystic who founded the Sufi Order of the West in 1914.  According to Khan:

“Musicians have always held to the principle that modern scientists have rediscovered: that the ear is incapable of fully enjoying two sounds played or sung together, and that is why they enriched the melody to such an extent for the purpose of their meditation.”

Khan’s principles promote a stripped back, utilitarian kind of music based on the concept of one voice or sound. In response, Martorell has created a series of single-voiced musical scores formed from improvised, collaborative movement. Accompanying the scores will be a series of new drawings created whilst listening to these sounds and documentary videos of Martorell’s recent projects in the Kochi Muziris Biennale, India and Chang Mai, Thailand.

Martorell weaves Khan’s minimalistic approach to music with notions of both natural and artificial decay, renewal and reuse. Repurposed and recycled objects form the material basis of Martorell’s chaotic aesthetic in striking contrast with the minimal backing-track to the exhibition. Throughout this permeates the organic form, underscoring and occasionally reclaiming the products of human intervention.

Martorell has exhibited and performed nationally and internationally. Solo exhibitions include Aguas de Marco, Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne, 2011; Duppy Musique Povera, Object Gallery, Sydney, 2011; Duppy Housing, Utopian Slumps, 2010; Musique Povera, Heide Museum of Modern Art Project Space, 2010; Splintered Guilders, Lamington Drive, Melbourne, 2009; Stolon Tonals, Black and Blue, Sydney, 2009; Umbel Ballits, Craft Victoria, Melbourne, 2008; and Panter Cluster Rimbone, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne, 2007. Selected group exhibitions include Kochi Muziris Biennale, India, 2012-13;Sonic Spheres, TarraWarra Biennial, curated by Victoria Lynn, TarraWarra Museum of Art, 2012;Bellowing Echoes, Gertrude Contemporary, 2012; Jakarta Biennale, Indonesia, 2011-12; V.A., Utopian Slumps, Melbourne, 2011; New Psychedelia, curated by Sebastian Moody, University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane, 2011; Black and Blue Gallery, carriageARTworks, 2010; yogyabourne / roda roda sound system / south project reflections, Bus Gallery, Melbourne, 2009; and Slow Art Collective, Incinerator Arts Complex, Melbourne, 2009. Martorell curated V.A. at Utopian Slumps in 2011, has worked as an illustrator for Tokion, Vitra, Nieves and the New York Times and produces illustrations for Sunday Morning Designs. He is a member of the Slow Art Collective with Tony Adams and Chaco Kato, and is part of the experimental music groups Hi God People and Snawklor. Martorell recently completed a residency at Monash University, Gippsland campus, and an Asialink funded residency across Indonesia, Thailand and India.