2 June - 23 June 2012


Like a dancer walking into Starbucks with toes pointed towards an irrepressible angle, a painter can never remember how to forget how to paint. 

…The persistent and blissful attraction of painting seems to be that, like thought, its edges are invisible to itself. Somewhere between communication and marginal expression, this dance-with-European-processed-meat takes place. The studio, here, is receptacle for inexplicable impulses and for graphic intent. For design and desire.

Liv Barrett, 2012

Snagliature from Misha Hollenbach will present a new series of paintings from Hollenbach, MEATSLAP, formed from an action painting style – spontaneous, expressive and gestural – through paint slapped on luxe high gloss prints using various processed meats. Juxtaposing these works will be a new series of sculptures forming an extension of Hollenbach’s recent automatic ceramics – heavily glazed in cracked white and gold tones.

As one half of fashion and publishing label P.A.M. Hollenbach has exhibited nationally and internationally. Highlight solo exhibitions include VENUS (double spout), Utopian Slumps at Art Fair Tokyo, 2012; Holey Hole!, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne, 2011; Do/No/Go Nuts, Family Gallery, Los Angeles, 2011; Pink & Brown, Seems Gallery, NYC, 2010; Forewards, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne, 2010; Snap! (with Peter Sutherland), Target Gallery, Tokyo, 2010; Reaggae (with Peter Sutherland), Utrecht Gallery, Tokyo, 2010; Hot Yoghurt, New Image Art Project Room, Los Angeles, 2009; Stool, Black & Blue, Sydney, 2009; and Indispensable Duties, Y3K, Melbourne, 2009. Group exhibitions include Status, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, 2011; Space Invaders, National Gallery of Art, Canberra, 2010; To the road less traveled – wishing you love and happiness and curiosity forever, V1 Gallery, Denmark, 2010; Smoke Bath Slideshow, 208 E., NY, 2010; why freak? mmm’kay, Y3K, Melbourne, 2009; ONESHOT WERKSTETTE, Dronning Olgas, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2009; and Batteries Not included, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney, 2009. Hollenbach’s work is held in the National Gallery of Australia collection, as well as various private collections in Australia and overseas.

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