Art Stage Singapore 2013


 William Mackinnon’s large-scale cinematic paintings sit at the intersection between reality and the imagination: between that which he physically perceives and that which he concocts in his mind. Mackinnon explores the possibilities of painting through what is often a fantastical representation of the environment around him, whether it be a roadscape, landscape or dreamscape.

Mackinnon’s Project Stage exhibition will further his recent experimentation in the production and hand painting of otherworldly lenticular prints. Here he explores the possibilities of painting through a highly laborious process, producing prints of his paintings that are then hand painted, layered and reworked over an extensive period of time.

Mackinnon was the recent subject of a solo survey exhibition at Horsham Regional Art Gallery, Australia and has since returned from a solo exhibition at Morton Fine Art, Washington. His work is held in six government and corporate collections nationally. Mackinnon will hold his next solo project at Paradise Row, London this year and will take part in a three man exhibition at Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery in February 2013.